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3D Sphere: Exercise 4

Here is my first attempt at exercise 4:  You can find the challenge here.


Sketchbook Challenge:Exercise 2:Reference Photo/Rose Varying Lines

In this lesson we were to sketch a rose from a photo within 10 minutes using varying lines.


You can find the reference photo and Tim’s video lesson here.

Week 1 – Line quality, intro to supplies.

Originally posted on Tim Gagnon's Sketchbook Challenge:
Welcome to Tim Gagnon’s Sketchbook Challenge.  The goal of the “challenge” is to get you drawing in your sketchbook more frequently.  Drawing is the foundation of art.  It is one of the first forms of communication, and one of the first ways we, as humans, recorded history.…

#sketchbookchallenge catch up post

Image (117)

a shell

Image (118)

Eye tips lesson #1

Image (119)

eyes tips lesson #2

Image (120)

Continuous Line Lesson

Sketchbook Challenge Video with Tim Gagnon: Supplies and Line Work (video 1)

Join in the sketchbook challenge! And remember the best way to help an artist is to like, share and comment! Thanks for watching!

Come and join Tim on his Facebook page for all the fun.

Tim Gagnon @ Facebook

An Artistic Challenge: An Eye

An eye for Tim

Link to inspiration art 

An Artistic Challenge: An Ear

an ear for Tim

Link to inspiration image

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