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An Artistic Challenge: #sketchbooksaturday: Teeth and A Song Sparrow


Image (112)

Two sketches to share today.


An Artistic Challenge: #sketchbooksaturday A Skull


A lopsided skull

An Artistic Challenge: 20 minute or less daily sketch with Tim Gagnon Week Two Day One


This is all I was able to finish in 20 minutes.

Doctor Who:The Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith in graphite pencil

The Eleventh Doctor: Matt Smith

The Eleventh Doctor: Matt Smith


The Eleventh Doctor

Poor Matt Smith was my muse over winter break. I had never tried a portrait before so I gave it a go and this is what I came up with. Not great but not too bad either.

An Artistic Challenge: 20 minute or less daily sketch with Tim Gagnon Week One

As anyone can tell by the date of my last post, I haven’t had much time to paint and if I do I haven’t had time to update this blog with anything I’ve done with the last year. I have been working in pencil a lot  and Tim Gagnon has started a sketchbook challenge, which you can find here. So, I thought I’d give it a go. Here are my first two:

A morel mushroom #sketchbooksaturday

A morel mushroom #sketchbooksaturday

Kitty #sketchbooksaturday


Birds on the Wall w/ Tim Gagnon: White Breasted Nuthatch


Here is my attempt at sketching and outlining the second bird in my lesson. 

white breasted nuthatch

A wash of my version of burnt sienna is applied to the background.  After a couple hours of layering the paint here is my result. Life has taken over my time and I hope to be able to finish the background this week. 


You can get an idea of that the birds are to look like and how the lesson looks by viewing Tim’s youtube channel.

Thanks for viewing!


Lesson: Birds on a Wall with Tim Gagnon


So, I finally had time to jump into the first bird, a Black-Capped Chickadee, of my lesson.  Honestly, I was impressed that I could draw the bird. IMG_20140207_095335_327

Next, was to  give it a wash. I just used the paints I had on hand. Your “Walmart” variety. This is my version of Burnt Sienna for the wash.


After 4 hours, this is my result.  I think I used too much pressure while applying the paint. My paint is probably too thick  and  I have no idea how to really hold my brush and …..well, the rest of it.


I am pretty happy with my first little birdie.

My next victim is the White Breasted Nuthatch.  Thanks for viewing and  your support.

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